POWER-TECH 190 energy-saving lamp

POWER-TECH 190 energy-saving lamp

  • Class IP 44 suitable for continuous outdoor operation
  • Very robust, solid-rubber seal for optimum all-round protection
  • 1 shock-proof sockets 16A/230V with self-closing, hinged, safety lid
  • Foldable hook for carrying and suspension
  • Low-glare illumination
  • An impact-resistant cover guarantees maximum light transmission
  • Including an energy-saving bulb
  • 1.8 m H07RN-F 3G1,5 rubber supply cable and shock-proof plug
  • Packed in a coloured, sales-promotion box

At an average illumination period of 5 hours / workday, this lamp saves about 35 € / year.

All halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps and stands are packed in sales-promotion boxes.


POWER-TECH 190 energy-saving lamp146838
Replacement bulbs for POWER-TECH 190, 38 W146824
Safety standardsApplicationsTechnical data
Tested according to EN 60598-1
230V / 50Hz
Socket: GR 10q

SPECTRA multi-purpose lamp

Art.-No. 46875

»Spectra« multi-purpose lamp 72 W or 108 W

  • Mobile work light, suitable for use in tough conditions on construction sites 
  • Even light with wide dispersion, glare-free, suitable for work
  • More than 5 times the light output of light bulbs (about 11500 lm)
  • Shock and impact-resistant casing with circumferential rubber edge
  • Large adjustable bracket for suspension, carrying or setting up
  • Ergonomically shaped carrying handle for more carrying comfort
  • Suitable for mounting on a stand
  • 3 earthing contact sockets 230 V / 16A with spring hinged lids
  • With 5 m H07RN-F 3G1,5 cable and safety plug
  • On / off switch



»Spectra« multi-purpose lamp with 72W146875
»Spectra« multi-purpose lamp with 108W146808
Replacement bulb 36 W for article numbers 46875 and 46808146891
Tripod up to 2,60m for article numbers 46875 and 46808; up to height of 2,60m146750
Safety standardsApplicationsTechnical data
Tested according to EN 60598-1
Socket: 2G11
72W / 108W
230V / 50Hz

Mobile work light

Art.-No. 46808

Mobile work light, suitable for use under harsh construction site conditions

  • Evenly emitted light with large light scattering; glare-free, suitable for working environments
  • More than 5-fold luminous power as compared to light bulbs
  • Shock- and impact-proof case with circumferential rubber-sheathed hem
  • Large adjustable bracket for hanging and carrying the work light
  • In addition, ergonomic carrying handle for more comfort
  • Suitable for stand mounting
  • 3 safety socket outlets 230 V / 16 A with hinged safety lids
  • 5 m H07RN-F 3G1.5
  • ON / OFF switch


Mobile work light 144 W146844
Replacement bulb 36 W146891
Safety standardsApplicationsTechnical data
Tested according to EN 60598-1
Socket: 2G11
144W = 800W
230V / 50Hz

Led spotlight with remote control

LED Spotlight 20 + 3

  • 23 bright white LEDs
  • Stable, but ergonomic design
  • Either 3 or all 23 LEDs can be switched on by means of the remote control
  • Equipped with additional switch on the spotlight itself
  • Battery or rechargeable battery operation possible
  • Low power consumption and minimum generation of heat
  • Including magnet, suspension hook and eyebolt for mounting
  • Dimensions: Ø 13 cm
  • Perfect for use at home, in hobby rooms, workshops and repair shops, and offices
  • For cupboards, safes, drawers, desks, illumination for indoor plants etc.
  • 4 mignon batteries type AA additionally required (not included within the scope of delivery)
LED Spotlight 20 + 320/90046960
Safety standardsApplicationsTechnical data