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Our timers are characterized by their simple operation, high quality and reliability. Our product program includes mechanical timers with movable rocker arms as well as digital timers with state-of-the-art microprocessors for indoor and outdoor use. Mechanical timers offer a convenient means of activating / deactivating connected devices such as lights, radiators and radios. Daily timers provide a switching interval of 15 minutes.

With a high-quality clock permitting programming down to the minute, a digital timer also includes a large, easily legible display. These extremely precise devices are suitable for controlling coffee machines, hi-fi components and multimedia devices, for instance. In addition, some timers can be set to random intervals for turning your house lights on and off when you're away from home for extended periods, for instance. This deters potential burglars.

Timers for outdoor use possess a very robust housing and a splash-proof (IP44), shock-proof socket. They are suitable for use in moist areas containing appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as protected outdoor installation (for garden or pond lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.).

  • Reliable activation / deactivation of all connected light sources
  • Precise control of all types of electric devices
  • Energy-saving

Daily timer IP 20, mechanical, for indoors48 switching times124030
Daily timer IP 44, mechanical, for outdoors96 switching times124031
Weekly timer IP 20, digital, for indoors8 programs124032
Weekly timer IP 44, digital, for outdoors8 programs124033
Safety standardsApplicationsTechnical data
Tested according to DIN VDE 0620-1, EN 60730

230 V / 50 Hz /16 A

3500 W max.

Wifi Smart Socket Plug

Art.-No. 24081

Wifi Smart Socket Plug

  • Operates connected appliancies over Wi-Fi and mobile internet at home and away
  • Controlled socket through a smart phone anywhere in the world. For Iphone, Ipad, Android Smartphone APP
  • Fast, easy and uncomplicated installation
  • Controlling of may Wifi Smart Socket Plug possible
  • Timer-function 
  • Countdown-function
  • Absence mode during your holiday or business trip
  • IP 20: For inside use
Wifi Smart Socket Plug124081
Safety standardsApplicationsTechnical data

230 V / 16 A

max. 3500 W